Q: What does the word "Trafala" mean?

A: The word "Trafala" is a Puerto Rican slang word that means "dishonest person" or "scoundrel". It can also be used to describe someone who is vulgar or of low social standing.

Q: Why use "Trafala" as a company name?

A: Using the word "trafala" as a social criticism to point out the fact that the things that are most popular or successful in the world are often not the things that are good or beneficial. This could be anything from popular music and movies to social media trends and political movements.
The developer is arguing that people are more interested in things that are flashy, exciting, or controversial than in things that are meaningful or worthwhile. They are also suggesting that this is a problem, because it leads to a world where people are more concerned with superficial things than with real substance. The developer's use of the word "trafala" is also a way of calling attention to the fact that these popular things are often harmful or destructive.

Q: What was Attack of the Trafalas® inspired by?

A: The answers and the story behind the game and the company are in "The Game Developer" book availabe at Amazon.

Q: Who are the characters?

A: The characters does not represent anyone specifically but what they do represent are personalities and attitudes.

Q: What's the secret meaning behind "The Duel" video?

A:It means when you have a difference with someone is better to resolve the situation playing a friendly competitive game instead of resorting to real life violence. [View the video]

Q: How can I access the computer within AOTT?

A: The answer is inside the game, you need to find clues and figure it out. Remember it's a game for developing detective skills.

Q: Is AOTT online multiplayer or will it be?

A: Even it has online features, it's a one player journey. We understand how online multiplayer it is important for most player, in the other hand, if you don't have internet... how are you going to play? If a multiplayer is done in the future it will be a secondary option.

Q: Is Trafala Games® willing to work with other game studios?

A: Depends on the other company's spiritual & moral compass and of course the content that will be delivered to the players. We do not want to bring the wrong message to the people.

Q: Will it be available for consoles?

A: Definitely no easy task, we are seriously working on porting and publishing in other consoles, stay tuned for news. in the meantime check the PC and Mac version

Q: Where is the game available?

A: Right now it's available trough STEAM®

Q: What is your secret for making games?

A: The true answer is written in Mishlei 1:7

Q: Is Trafala Games willing to do an televised interview?

A: Not for the moment.