Q: What was Attack of the Trafalas® inspired by?

A: Interesting question, the answers and the story behind the game and the company are in "The Game Developer" book availabe at Amazon.

Q: Who are the characters?

A: The characters does not represent anyone specifically but what they do represent are personalities and attitudes.

Q: What's the secret meaning behind "The Duel" video?

A:It means when you have a difference with someone is better to resolve the situation playing a friendly competitive game instead of resorting to real life violence. [View the video]

Q: How can I access the computer within AOTT?

A: The answer is inside the game, you need to find clues and figure it out. Remember it's a game for developing detective skills.

Q: Is AOTT online multiplayer or will it be?

A: Even it has online features, it's a one player journey. We understand how online multiplayer it is important for most player, in the other hand, if you don't have internet... how are you going to play? If a multiplayer is done in the future it will be a secondary option.

Q: Is Trafala Games® willing to work with other game studios?

A: Depends on the other company's spiritual & moral compass and of course the content that will be delivered to the players. We do not want to bring the wrong message to the people.

Q: Will it be available for consoles?

A: Definitely no easy task, we are seriously working on porting and publishing in other consoles, stay tuned for news. in the meantime check the PC and Mac version

Q: Where is the game available?

A: Right now it's available trough STEAM®

Q: What is your secret for making games?

A: The true answer is written in Mishlei 1:7

Q: Is Trafala Games willing to do an televised interview?

A: Not for the moment.